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The process of creating a Japanese garden is a journey in which the artist connects to the premises, than collects and place rocks while meticulously considering the texture, color and structure of each rock. Motifs of water are often combined, and finally he creates the composition of vegetation in relation to all other elements.

 All these are multidimensional workmanship.   A Japanese garden is a work of art, draws its inspiration from the Zen Buddhism philosophy which is an important part of the spiritual life as well as in everyday affairs in the far East. 

 Harmony, simplicity, blending with nature, introspection, balance. All these and more are the guiding principles of Japanese Gardens Designer

Sagi Baron, specialist in the design and construction of Japanese Gardens, created in the last decade, dozens of gardens, roof gardens, patio gardens is all Japanese styles.

My Method of work:

The process of creating a Japanese garden starts with learning the area and the customer needs.

The next step is the design – a combination of knowledge, experience and inspiration produces the draft plan. This program will undergo minor adjustments in cooperation with the customer and then will be translated into a 3D simulation.


With the approval of the plan I will integrate the collection of the materials: rocks, pebbles, plants, decorative items, and others will be carefully and respectively gathered.

Finally, skilled and experienced staff, supervised by Sagi will performs the work of setting up the garden, starting from infrastructure, preparation of the soil and irrigation system, position of the  rocks, the trees, plants and design items, and even garden lighting and audio systems. 

 The spectrum of solutions we provide to our clients also includes additional components:

 unique woodwork – bridges and Japanese gates, decks,  pergolas and shades.

Ponds in every shape and size, water fountains, bamboo Shishi-Odoshi and more.

 For additional information and  free consultation please contact us

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